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Not everyone is a writer.leave-839225_1280

Some people are good with numbers. Some are great organizers. Some are born to work with their hands.

But everyone needs a writer.

If you have a business, then you have information to give to your clients, readers or customers. You need to put your thoughts down in a format that can be easily understood and that informs without confusing. Whether it’s a brochure, an article, web copy or a blog, I’d love to help.

I’ve written about everything from local family events to wedding venues, and from plumbing problems to orthodontic care.  Here are a few services I provide.


tpt-badge_contributorMaintaining a blog takes time, but these days, it’s something just about every business and organization needs. By providing consistent fresh content, a blog allows you to keep your audience informed while making sure you show up in search engine results. Just a few blog posts each month can keep your readers coming back to your website, and I can even share the posts I write on your social media pages to drive more traffic to your site. I have plenty of blog posts available upon request.

Editing and Proofreading

I’ve edited brochures, catalogs, web copy, newsletters and more. If you have your ideas written down but just want to polish your piece, I can help. I’ll make sure your sentences flow, check for typos, and most importantly, ensure that your thoughts read clearly. Remember, there’s a big difference between “Let’s eat Grandpa” and “Let’s eat, Grandpa.”

Feature Articles and Copywriting

I’ve been honored to meet some amazing people throughout my career, and whether my writing has promoted their business or brought attention to their cause, it’s been a pleasure to help them succeed. You can read some of my articles on my home page. Here is one of my brochures:

Smart Roofing brochure

I’ve also written lots of copy in print for various businesses and publications.

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