Elizabeth Schreckenberg

Professional Writing Services

About Me

Schrck37Aside from my handsome husband and three beautiful children, writing is what I love most. In the past 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many St. Louis area companies and publications, including:

  • Words Have Impact
  • Yank and Limey
  • Marketicity
  • Studio C5
  • Belleville News-Democrat
  • A.G. Edwards & Sons (Currently Wells Fargo)
  • Incyte Pharmaceuticals/Incyte Genomics
  • Rothman Furniture
  • The Bedroom Store
  • Dillard’s

I enjoy writing feature articles about inspiring people, press releases about incredible companies, and blog posts featuring useful information. You can find my resume here.

As a parent, writing about the joys and trials of raising kids is my therapy. I blog about my family at www.whostolemybonbons.com.

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